Top Rated Keynote Speaker

Recipient of the Woman of Excellence Award 

Bestselling Author

Expert on Abundance, Mindset, Money Mindset and Living the Life You Really Want 

Founder of THE LAW OF FIRM OF W. Manly, P.A.

Global Woman of Inspiration 


About Wani Iris Manly


Life is many things, but one thing it is not is a dress rehearsal.  Therefore, why not live your best life, the life you truly want to live?  This is the central message of top rated motivational speaker Wani Iris Manly to audiences worldwide. Wani Iris Manly helps people shift their mindset to experience more abundance in order living the life one truly desires, and help corporations shift their thinking to reach higher performance and maximize their full potential. 

A global citizen, Wani Iris Manly’s unique background and dynamic personality easily allow her to connect with any audience igniting not only change but also transformation. Having a foot in both the corporate world and pursuing her creative pursuits, Wani Iris Manly as a charismatic speaker shines with real-world experience and credibility. Her ability to take her nearly two-decade experience as a corporate attorney and interweave it with her creative insights to be an example to people that you can indeed live life you on your own terms is not only impressive but captivating.

Wani Iris Manly not only inspires, but moves audiences to take action to stop living in survival mode, get in creation mode and live fulfilling lives of their choosing, while assisting corporations to evolve, change their thinking in order to drive better business outcomes and reach high performance.


What People Are Saying


“Wani is carried by a star-presence, that certain "je ne sais quoi”
that so enthralls crowds and individuals..

Lindsay Gordon
President and CEO, Brevard Brothers


“Wani as a speaker is inspiring, motivational
and highly credible…”

Jacqui Harwood, MCSP, MAPA, RCST


Wani is an incredible speaker.
Not only does she deliver thought provoking content but she is entertaining too

Connie-Lee Bennett
Global Woman Club Paris Regional Director