Wani’s Bio


Wani Iris Manly, Esq. is an American - Liberian inspirational keynote speaker, two-time bestselling author, corporate attorney, entrepreneur and business owner. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Wani has lived in five different countries including the U.S., Liberia, Spain, Italy, and now France, where she is based in the City of Lights, Paris.

Wani has been an attorney for sixteen years, and is the founder of W. Manly, P.A., a boutique corporate and securities law firm she started in 2008 in Miami after getting laid off from her lucrative but suffocating law firm job where she was a young corporate and litigation associate at an international law firm.

At a certain point, life gets deep, and to start to ask much more meaningful questions. Questions such as, “Why am I really here?”, and “What is worth doing with my time on this earth between now and death?” You start to realize certain truths and one truth is that what you choose to become in this life is much more important than the things you have or accumulate. In other words, what do you want to make of your life?

As for Wani, she has chosen to be a source of inspiration to this world and to make a serious impact and difference in the lives of others through the use of her voice. She has chosen to help people and organizations reach their highest potential through moving past limitation, seeing beyond what is, shifting their thinking, and making a difference.

It all started about eight years ago on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 when the calling came from within for Wani to discover who she was really and step into her greatness. Within a span of two years, the inner calling became louder. 

It was New Year’s Eve circa 2010. Instead of bringing in the New Year with celebrations with friends, Wani spent the day in silent retreat, intensely analyzing her life and business. At that time, things were not what she wanted it to be. She was ready for something new but what that new was, she had no idea.  

Within 72 hours, Wani’s then existing world in Miami where she had been living for eight years since graduating from law school became invaded with a bombardment of signs pointing her to the French capital. Paris, of all places was a city that was never on her radar.  She booked a trip to Paris searching for answers. When nothing came after four days, she headed to the French Riviera, and in Monaco, a message finally arrived.

It was: “Your life is now in transition  — from a lawyer to writer. “ In August, Wani’s heart spoke to her and said, “Move. Move to Paris.” Without hesitation, she said, “Yes!” 

A few months later, Wani disposed of everything she had, and began a new sojourn to Paris, without a Plan A, B, or C. Without knowing a single French person or one word of French, Wani took a chance on the city of lights, citing, “I didn't choose Paris, Paris chose me, and I’m excited to find out why.”

Since January 2012, Wani has been living a dream-fulfilled life of inspiration and helping others do the same.  She has become an inspirational keynote and motivational speaker, a two-time bestselling author and has spoken on several stages to audiences spanning over North America and Europe.  

An energetic speaker on topics that include corporate culture, money and finances, due diligence and risk mitigation, resilience and reinvention, personal development, change, entrepreneurism, empowerment, and personal development, Wani is unapologetic about living your their best life. . 

What makes Wani stand out from the rest is her uniqueness. Wani’s journey has been unconventional and non-traditional from the moment of birth, and it is what has persuaded her to take the road less traveled and create a path where none has been carved. Having lived in five different countries across three continents, unafraid to be out of her comfort zone, and facing fear in the midst of uncertainty is what Wani accredits to her success. 

Wani’s philosophy for success in life and business is quite simple. You are under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago.  In other words, change. Reinvent yourself. Become the best version of you and who you are is always evolving. 

Wani holds a J.D. from The John Marshall Law School at Chicago, inclusive of international studies at Universita di Parma Facolta di Giurisprudenza in Parma, Italy, Fundación Universitaria San Pablo - Centro de Estudios Universitarios, and a B. A. in Government and Political Science from The University of Texas at Austin.