How To Feel Affluent When You're Flat Broke

Feeling affluent AND broke in the same sentence? Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Trust me, it’s not.

Listen up. If money is an issue for you and you need to clear your money karma, feeling affluent when you’re flat broke is super important in your ability to make more money. You see the thing is this. Manifestation is all about feelings and not at a mental level.

In order to manifest more money in the future, you must first feel wealthy now and that you already have the money you seek. You can’t become wealthy if you’re thinking and being poor, or if you are being cheap with yourself.  It’s all about your frequency and vibration, and in order to manifest more money, you must be tuned into the vibration of being wealthy or the having of money now — before it arrives. 

As Nikola Tesla astutely made us aware,  “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” In other words, you can’t attract or become what you are not already thinking, feeling and being now. You can’t attract wealth if you’re operating from a poverty mindset while thinking and acting poor.  For most of us this is where our vibration is. We’re living, breathing, and thinking all the time in the energy of “I don’t have, “It’s not enough,” and so we’re constantly getting more of that — “I don't’ have,” and “It’s not enough.” Understand that as beautiful as you are, all you are is one giant walking, talking, and breathing magnet.


When you become a magnet of wealth, you attract wealthy.

When you become a magnet of health, you attract healthy.

When you become a magnet of love, you attract love.

When you become a magnet of joy, you attract joy.

When you become a magnet of [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] of what you want, you attract  [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] of whatever you want.

You must first become the magnet of whatever it is you want vibrationally in order to draw it unto you.  The physical manifestation of what you want is the effect of the magnet of you. So in the case of making more money, you need to start feeling affluent now no matter what your financial circumstances are at this moment, and to do so, you must start spending money on things that make you feel affluent now without draining your bank account.  

Understand that based on your current beliefs about money, you have a certain set point of how much money you are able to receive. How do you know what this set point is? It is whatever money you’re making right now, and if you want to raise this set point (i.e., make more money) you’re going to have to recalibrate your brain/nervous system to make more money.

Right now, you’re probably in a state of thinking and projecting “I don’t have the money to do this or that,” or “I can’t afford it,” and life is affirming to you, “Yes dear, you’re right.” and is playing back to you countless evidence of why. In order to shift, you must rewire your mind and your energetic system to think and feel wealthy now so that you start making more money.

How to do this?

By spending money on things that make you feel affluent and wealthy.

For example:

1.    Start buying organic foods when normally you don't.

2.    Buy premium brand of items in the supermarket when you would normally buy cheap store  brands.

3.    Treat yourself to a nice massage once a month.

4.    Spend money on self-care items such as going to a spa, getting acupuncture, having a Mani- Pedi, and so forth.

5.    Go shopping and instead of going straight for the sale rack, go and pay full price for something that you really love. As you make the purchase, tell yourself you can afford it and you are so worth it.

6.    Go to the bar of your favorite luxury hotel and sit and have coffee or tea there while taking in the ambiance.

7.    If you take Uber, order an Uber X instead of Uber Pool every once in awhile, and if you don’t use Uber and opt for public transportation, start taking Uber.

8.    When traveling by bus or train, but yourself a 1st class ticket instead of a 2nd class ticket.

9.    When you get paid, pay yourself first and buy yourself something nice.

10. Buy yourself a bottle of champagne and don't wait for a special occasion to open it.

11. Use the good china today and not only when company comes over.

12. Wear the sexy lingerie everyday not only when you go out on a date and think you might get some.

13. Hire a housekeeper to come clean your house once month.

14. Hire a dog walker to come walk your dog once a week.

15. Do go window-shopping and everything you see in the store tell yourself you CAN afford it and repeat this often. Then, keep asking yourself how can I afford this? In general, every time you walk by a storefront and see something you like, say to yourself, “I can afford that,” “I can buy that.”

16. When ordering wine from a menu, order the last (usually most expensive) glass instead of the first and cheapest option.

17. Over tip for good service, and in countries where tip is inclusive, tip anyway. Not only will you feel affluent in doing so, you’ll also rack up some serious good karma points, and who couldn’t use more of those.

18. If a beggar comes to you asking for money, instead of dishing out the coins in your pocket or at the bottom of your purse, give them a bill —preferably a $5 bill and not a $1 dollar bill. Trust, there is a difference and you’ll feel it.

19. Go and shop at Whole Foods (a/k/a Whole Paycheck), Fresh Market, (a/k/a Whole Salary), or if you’re in the Paris area like me, Le Bon Marche.

20. Everyday, and multiple times throughout the day, visualize yourself already having the money you want, and be in that feeing all day. In your mind, feel yourself living in that new house now. Be on that beach in Thailand with a cocktail already. Be in that new convertible with the top down and feeling the cool breeze in your hair, saying, “This is the life.”

These are just a few ways in which you can begin to feel affluent now to start attracting more money to clear your money karma and start making more money. If nothing on this list resonates with you, then make your own list of 25-50 things that make you feel wealthy now, and begin spending money on those things now without breaking the bank. From wherever you are, start to look for ways in which you can start to upgrade your life to make yourself feel affluent as you work your way on making more money and becoming the richer version of you.

The more you start to do this, the more you will notice the difference and you will start to re-wire your brain and nervous system from the broke, “I can’t afford it,” and “I don't have the money vibe,” to “Yes, I’ll take this and this please,” making this your #newnormal. For a deeper dive on how fixing your money issues, visit, and sign up for my ecourse “Clear Your Money Karma and Live The Life You Really Want.”