Wani iris manly’s Bestseller

Get Out of Survival Mode And Live The Life You Really Want


Bestselling Author Wani Iris Manly, in her second book, Get Out of Survival Mode and Live The Life You Really Want reveals 109 of the most self-defeating habits, beliefs, and attitudes that keep you in struggle and survival, and the insights on how to transform them. With insights taken from the greatest universal spiritual teachings, this book delivers simple yet practical wisdom, and exercises that show you how to shift out of the paradigm of survival to living the life you really want.

Get Out of Survival Modeand Live The Life You Really Want Will…

•Take you from where you are now to living the life you really want.

•Take you from surviving to thriving, and from struggle to ease and flow

•Show you how to get out of blame and victimhood and take control of your life.

•Give you the tools and insights needed to free yourself from fear, lack and limitation
— the consciousness of Survival Mode.

•Show you how to have more money and experience more abundance in your life.

•Show you how to stop playing small in life, live big and enjoy your life.

The insights and tools shared in this book will transform your life in unimaginable ways. Read it, follow it, and watch the magic that unfolds in your life.



“I’ve watched Wani transform her own life and now stand in her authentic truth and power. She is a beautiful teacher and strong woman with the ability to now help many others overcome their struggle and suffering. I’ve been excited about this book literally for years. Here it is! Enjoy it and let it change your life.”— Ariane de Bonvoisin, Best Selling Author of The First 30 Days

“This book is not only amazingly inspirational, but the perfect guide for getting out of Survival Mode.” Ivette Rey

“Get Out Of SURVIVAL MODE And Live The Life You Really Wantis a must-read for everyone still stuck on the hamster wheel, chasing happiness only to be burdened by unfruitful routines.” — Julie Mansfield, Author of Maybe God Was Busy  

“This is absolutely the best book I have ever read in the self-help genre! The "list" touched on so many emotions. I felt exposed to myself in ways I've never quite witnessed before. We all need a healthy dose of reality, along with real solutions to manifest the life we truly desire. This is not a book that you read once, and put away. It is a powerhouse of wisdom.” — Dee Dee Gault Malaney

“…Ms. Manly's book truly accomplishes the goal of both challenging and encouraging readers to take honest assessment of the "self-destructive habits" they have developed and more importantly, how to move past these behaviors with direct and to-the-point advice...”—Russell Correa 

“An extremely comprehensive and thorough book about completely getting out of Survival Mode! Thoroughly enjoyed this book as Wani lists very specific situations where you may be in survival mode. Love that she took inspiration from both sources as diverse as Chopra and Parks and Recreation, and I saw a lot of my former self in these pages when I was seriously living in survival mode. It's a good reminder to keep going back to this to practice being in abundance and I highly recommend her book!!”— Li Lin

“This is a fantastic book, written in a way that is relatable and real. This book is a fantastic call to action around focusing on what is truly important in life and letting go of detractors and negative influences. Each of the many chapters are easy to read and simple to implement in your own life - and many are scenarios that you and I experience or have experienced and can relate to.  Wani has bared her self and soul in this novel in such an honest and genuine way that inspires readers to do the same, myself included.” —Theresa Monet, MBA

“I chose this book because Wani lives out the solutions of her book. She chose a path of endless possibilities without societal regulations and expectations. Everyone has their own experiences so we should not be afraid of walking on a path we personally choose. This book is inspirational and also acts as a best friend or life coach encouraging you to live your best life. I am happy I bought this book and have recommended it as a must read for my book club. I can't wait to read her next book. I wish the book came in a pocket size because there are times during the day the 109 solutions are a must read.”—Natalia Zurowska


“What a truly inspiring book by a woman who has traversed this beautiful world, enriching everyone and everything that comes across her path. To say that this was a well thought out book is beyond an overstatement! It's well written in that I find myself nodding in agreement with a winsome smile on my face, at the anecdotal inferences of her life that brilliantly illustrates the point of her messages... It's daring and bodacious and filled with what one should experience while reading...LIFE, on your terms, and LIVING with no regret! Brava Wani! A must read for anyone really, for those of us who can relate and for those who want to take the plunge into that unknown!”  —Mira Vida