does any of this sound like you? 

§  Struggling and not living the life you really want?

§  Feel as if you’re living a dream-deferred life or somebody else’s life?

§  Living in Survival Mode and wanting to get out?

§  Stuck in a job you hate and so wish you had your own business that you absolutely loved?

§  Feel like you’re living far below you potential?

§  Find yourself in frustration because you’re always facing the same issues over and over? 

§  Feeling like a failure because you’re not where you want to be?


If any of this sounds familiar, then you’ve found yourself in the right place. 

Let’s be real. Life is not a dress rehearsal and if you’re living anything less than your ideal life filled with fear, unhappiness, stress, and unhappy, then it’s time for a change. There is nothing more debilitating than to be unhappy and struggling through life not experiencing all that one could possibly be or all the wonders of what the world has to offer. Yet, this is where most people live

I want you to know that if this where you are, you can change your circumstances, and let me help you. 

Hi! I’m Wani Iris Manly, and I help people like you from all walks of life stop living in survival mode, have more abundance and start living the lives they really want. You see, there’s noting wrong with you. What you’re living is a set of programming and internal beliefs that are the results of your suffering and you living anything less than your ideal life. 


That is Why…


I have created my 1:1 coaching program “LIVE! The Life You Really Want,” and it is exactly what you need to go from where you are to where you need to be. Based from my best-selling book, “Get Out of Survival Modean Live the Life You Really Want,” this program takes you through the process I’ve used that took me from living in Survival Mode to living the life I’ve always wanted to live and beyond. A life filled with inspiration, on my own terms, in abundance, and a life of freedom and adventure. And ocfcourse, I want the same for you.