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Did you know that the average person today (including the well educated middle class):

  • Lives in survival mode and struggles to make ends meet?

  • Lives paycheck to paycheck?

  • Is either broke or one paycheck away from being broke?

  • Has tons of debt and zero savings?

  • Barely gets by with never quite having enough?

  • Works jobs they hate just to pay bills, is stressed out, worried about the future, and either fighting sadness or depression?

Most people each day are working harder and harder to fix their money problems and not actually living and enjoying the one life they are here to live.

Day in and day out, they put in a ton of effort but can never seem to get past surviving, let alone thrive.

And for so many of people, they wake up every single morning to fight the same money demons that left them tired and exhausted the night before, only to repeat the same battle again day after day.

Life feels as if it is a perpetual uphill battle.

Does this sound like you too?

Then you’re in the right place.


I’ve stood where you stand; I’ve lived the life described above, day after day for years and years before I decided to make a change. I know all too well that the pain and struggle with money is real.

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I am Wani Iris Manly, Esq. aka Lovely Wani, and I am an author, speaker, and money mastery coach empowering others to clear their money karma, heal their relationship with money so they can have more money and truly live the life they really want. I am also an attorney and the bestselling author of the book, “Get Out Of SURVIVAL MODE And Live the Life You Really Want.”

I have been an entrepreneur for ten years now and I have a freedom-based business working from anywhere in the world on my Mac. In the course of the last four years, I have gone from just being a corporate lawyer to an expansive life of — living in Paris, learning French, being featured in magazines, writing books to inspire others, becoming an international speaker and money mastery coach. What’s more, I live in total abundance and I no longer stress about money like I use to. Am I totally where I want to be financially? Not yet, but I am well on my way. This is my life now; however, this wasn’t always the case...(download my full story)

I’ve stood where you stand; I’ve lived the life described above, day after day for years and years before I decided to make a change. I know all too well that the pain and struggle with money is real, and you can read my full story here.

  • Living in feast or famine mode. Yep! That was me.

  • Living in survival mode? Yep! That was me.

  • Robbing Peter to pay Paul while perpetually having IOU’s to both. Yep! That was me too.

  • In a constant state of worry and anxiety because of not having enough money? You got it. This was me too.

  • Feeling insecure, not enough, and overall crap about myself. Oh yes! This. Was. Definitely. Me.

I hid under a mask of “I’ve got my shit together” but it was all a façade. Underneath it all, I was exhausted from carrying around the heavy weight of shame and embarrassment.

There is no more miserable a feeling than to be without or struggling with money. CONSTANTLY.

It is stressful, it is debilitating, demoralizing and it sucks on every level. Most of all, it is exhausting. 

And not to mention, life is pure HELL!!!

As bad as all this sounds and looks, this  is where most people live.


You see what you probably didn’t realize is that what is going on in your financial affairs has nothing to do with your job or career, or anything external! Think about that for a few minutes – NOTHING TO DO with anything external! At all!!!

The truth is that what is going on in your bank account is simply a reflection of your own energy. 

Lack of money is never the root cause but a symptom of an underlying deeper problem in you.

Your money problems or blocks are a collage of your beliefs, feelings, attitudes, and programming picked up from your parents and early caregivers.

Collectively, it is your money karma and until you address your karma as it relates to money internally, nothing you throw at the problem externally will solve anything.


Money Myth #1:  Money is the paper currency we use.

No. Money is not dollar bills or any other form of currency we use. Money is actually energy. It is YOUR energy, and you are always connected to this energy. The dollar bills or currency used are symbols of the energy.

Money Myth #2:  Money is the root of all evil.

Wrong. Money is not the root of all evil and neither is the pursuit of it.  You’ll NEVER be able to have money if you continue to think money is bad or any kind of evil.  

Money Myth #3:  You have to work hard in order for you to make money.

Complete BS. We were all taught this when we were young but this is complete B.S. Working hard is not the answer. If this were the case, all of the hardest working men and women in the poorest countries in the world would be abundantly rich rather than poor as hell. No amount of working hard will make you money. Only your consciousness will. 

Money Myth #4:  You have to struggle or suffer to survive.

Also, not true and complete BS. No you don’t. In life, suffering is totally optional and not a requisite. 

Money Myth #5:  It takes money to make money.

Not true at all. It doesn't take money to make money. It only takes a decision, but not just any old decision. It takes a non-negotiable STRONG decision that you want more money and you’ll have it. 

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A Way That:

  • Lets you get super clear on the beliefs and programming you have that are causing the problems you are having with money in the first place.

  • Helps you get super clear on what your money story is so you can clear it and have more money.

  • Releases any financial trauma you had in the past that still affects your money and life right now.

  • Identifies and releases any values and conflicts you have with money that are pushing money away from you.

  • Gives you the mindset to rewrite your subconscious mind that will help make you be a money magnet attracting and creating money more easily.

  • Creates more money so you can live the life you truly want and enjoy the hell out of your life.

So are you ready to make a radical change to your life? 

Are you ready to move forward to having more money and abundance in your life?


This is an 8-week self-study with support ecourse that helps you clear your money karma and heal your relationship with money so that you can have more money, live the life you really want and enjoy the hell out of your life.


WEEK 1 — Creating A Vision: Where You Are Right Now v.  Where Do You Want To Be

During the first week of the course we create a roadmap for your success. We look at where you are right now, where you’d like to be within the timeframe of the course and set your goals and intentions for the course. Connecting with your ideal and future self, you’ll learn how to cultivate a relationship with a new and financially abundant version of you and start embodying this person now. In this first week, you’ll also receive daily morning and evening practices, and a reading list of high-powered wealth consciousness books for you to start reading from day one to propel you into the frequency and vibration of money and wealth to transform your relationship with money. 

Here’s a recap of Week 1:

  • Determine your goals and intentions for the course

  • Begin cultivating your wealth mindset

  • Introduction to your Future Financially Free Self

  • Re-contextualize your definition of money to align with the truth

  • A lesson on karma and how it affects your relationship with money

WEEK 2 —Your Financial Paradigm

During Week 2, we continue to dive deeper into the foundational pieces of your current financial paradigm by comprehensively getting into your money story from the influences of your early childhood to open up the pathway for clearing. From here, we segway into the self-love and self-worth pieces, the most-essential missing links to effectively clearing one’s money karma and ensure it is both transformative and long-lasting.  

Here’s a recap of Week 2:

  • Define your money story

  • Verbalize and personify your relationship with money

  • Cultivate self-love and self-worth

  • Speak the language of your subconscious by getting into the feelings of money

  • Energetically re-write the limiting money stories and beliefs that have held you back


WEEK 3 —Your Money Story And Beyond

In the modules that comprise Week 3, we get really raw and deep. We explore your emotions and look into your money story and how it is affecting your overall quality of life and beyond. The lowest emotional frequencies and vibrations of shame and survival are addressed, along with all the ways you limit yourself by playing small in the world and making excuses not to live up to your truest and full potential. You’ll now learn how you can transform it. 

Here’s a recap of Week 3:

  • Getting out of survival mode

  • Releasing money shame and embarrassment

  • Going from playing small to playing big

  • Thinking bigger

  • Becoming the rock star of your life

WEEK 4 — Falling In Love With Money — The Prerequisite of Generating More Money In Your Life

The modules in Week 4 bring out your hidden wealth-shadows and beliefs that are keeping money out of your reach and contributing to your aversion to wealth. Using powerful healing modalities to bring out these hidden wealth-shadows and limiting money beliefs that are stored in the physiology of your body, we release them, which clears the way for a new money paradigm to be adopted. Once cleared, you are now in the perfect position to start falling in love with money, which is key to generating more money in your life. 

Here’s a recap of Week 4:

  • Discover your wealth and money shadows

  • Determine any values-conflicts you have with money that are working against you

  • Learn powerful ancient healing practices and modalities to effectively release these money blocks and shadows

  • Fall head over heels in love with money allowing yourself to be a money magnet


WEEK 5 — Cultivating Wealth Consciousness To Create And Live The Life You Really Want

Week 5 begins Part II of the course where the focus is on cultivating and raising your wealth consciousness. You learn how to use critical Universal laws to be in the flow rather than the ebb of life and begin to create money effortlessly. During this week, you’ll also become more mindful of the language you use as you begin to understand that the limits of your words are the limits of your Universe. You’ll also learn how to effectively take your attention off lack and instead focus on abundance to create an abundant flow of money and all forms of auspicious abundance.

Here’s a recap of Week 5:

  • You’ll learn key Universal laws that put you in the flow of creating and receiving more money in your life

  • Actively create more money in your life by changing the language you use

  • Learn the most common phrases that are keeping you broke and how to turn this around

  • Learn the #1 tool to take your attention off lack and put it on abundance

WEEK 6 — The Mind, Body And Soul Connection To Creating Wealth

In Week 6, we integrate the mind, body and soul connection to create money. The 7 major chakras are introduced and you learn how to create more money easily through each of the 7 major chakra systems.  The concept of making money at a mental level is ditched and you turn your attention to standing fully in your power and creating money through your physiology and energetic system. Also in Week 6, we remove your blocks to receiving and begin to open up your ability to receive, while fully articulating what it is that you’d like to receive and begin to usher that in. 

Here’s a recap of Week 6:

  • Clear blocks in each of your 7 major chakras and use the chakras to create money

  • You’ll receive a powerful meditation you can use daily to clear your chakras including seed mantras that amps up clearing and manifestation

  • Learn how to be an open and wider vessel of receiving in order to allow more money to flow into your life with ease and grace

  • Get in the daily habit of intentional manifestation of your dreams and desires

  • We look at the person you need to become, the things you need to let go of, and how to command your emotions in order to manifest your desires


WEEK 7 — The New You: When There’s More Than Enough Money In The Bank

In Week 7 we bend time and transcend into the life of the new financially free you and make it real and vivid. We bring in all of your senses including your sixth sense and see in detail everything about this new version of you. From this space, we determine what your new money rules are for your new financial paradigm. We affirm and solidify it by cultivating the practice of gratitude to accelerate in your new and richer life to quickly show up in the present moment.  

Here’s a recap of Week 7:

  • You create a new set of money rules including the amount of money you want to be making to build the life you want and you’ll reprogram this into your subconscious mind

  • You fast-track your money-making and wealth creation abilities

  • You start to embody a bigger belief for what’s possible for your life and how to tangibly make it happen

  • You start to live the life you really want and enjoy the hell out of your life

WEEK 8 — Course Completion

Week 8 is a week of celebration and congratulations for completing the course and to gauge in how far you have come and triumph in the new you. After a full review of your progress, you’ll be asked to go back and review any sections of the course you haven’t yet completed, or that may still need more diving into to completely clear your money karma. Once complete, you’ll be asked to reflect on your AHA moments during the course including any things that surprised you or any golden nuggets that you want to take with you going forward.  

Here’s a recap of Week 8:

  • Celebration of the work you've done to clear your money karma

  • Completion of the course tools and exercises

  • Course review and reflection

  • You are living the life you really want and enjoying the hell out of your life


“Thank you so much! I appreciate this learning journey. It’s so much more than I could’ve imagined and I love you and appreciate you. I’m so thankful for your help healing my wounds.”

— Danielle Holman-Salmeri, New York City, New York


“The Course was life changing for me. Some personal shifts that occurred for me is a change of residence and a change of job. I also increased my income and learned how to put myself first. If these are all areas of your life that you'd also like to change, then I highly recommend you take a chance on this course. You won't be disappointed.”

— Megan Rose, Kaui, Hawaii


“After spending one afternoon with Wani at a time where I was in very bad place that included crippling financial issues, Wani walked me through a surprisingly very simple meditation, which I practice everyday. That night, I finally managed to sleep through a whole night. When I woke up the next morning, I felt determined. In a matter of 4 weeks I managed to solve my problems, and move to Australia — which was a long time dream of mine. Wani managed instill a sense of determination and confidence in me, which I hadn’t felt in years. Every conversation with here is like a mental kick in the ass.”

—Hubert Kobylinski, Melbourne Australia


“From the time I started the program I have an additional $5k/month. Finally broke the barrier. Thank you. …You just gave my kids a summer vacay, clothes, shoes, a cleaning lady to give me sanity.”

— Christy Llado, Miami, Florida


“…Wani Manly, bless you and your rawness, your love and your inspiration. I am working through things still but have seen a massive shift. What has been amazing is my husband is so happy as he saw my pain and didn't know how to best help me. The Universe opens up opportunities when you're ready to receive and this is one of them.”

— Vanessa Mollard, Melbourne, Australia


“I am very grateful for receiving good help and time and attention from somebody working on their purpose us beautiful as Wani is doing. Her mission is very admirable, her content is very useful, and her impact is very inspiring. It is beautiful to find someone that can help you in one of our most important subjects for our happiness, money.”

— Andres Rozo Echevery, Miami Florida



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Bonus 1 is a 60-minute video and slide presentation presented before an Australian-based global audience which details the 8 steps I followed that resulted in me creating an extraordinary life of inspiration and living life on my own terms. A life that enables me to live in Paris and travel extensively, being an entrepreneur doing work that I love and expanding my career from just being an attorney to also becoming a speaker, a best-selling author, coach, creating a relationship, and more, enjoying the hell out of my life. In this video I give you an inside look at my most transformative tools and practices, mantras and exercises that I use everyday that have skyrocketed my life into something extraordinary and magical..


On New Year’s Eve in 2010, I began a manifestation ritual that forever changed my life and altered my destiny. It took me from Miami to living in iconic Paris creating an extraordinary life of adventure and inspiration. Since then, this powerful ritual is my top manifestation resource. I also perform this ritual every month and it has allowed me to reach my monthly goals and desires creating an even more fabulous life for which I am eternally grateful. In this 21-page PDF, I explain to you the exact process which led to me to creating an incredible Eat Pray Love life filled with adventure and inspiration, becoming a best-selling author, speaker, having international magazine features, appearing on the radio, creating a relationship, and so much more.

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  • You’ll learn what your key money blocks are and clear them

  • You’ll create a different money paradigm to build the life you really want

  • Become more aligned with the energy of money and be in the flow of having more of it

  • Stop living in survival mode because of a lack of money and truly start thriving

  • You’ll create more money and abundance in your life

  • Cultivate a new wealth consciousness mindset to be in the flow of receiving more money

  • Remove the aversion you have to wealth that is blocking you

  • You’ll step into your personal power and start to enjoy the hell out of your life


This problem you‘re having with money will continue unless you do something about it and do something about it NOW.

With an ever increasing unstable world and particularly shaky financial times working harder is not the answer.

No amount of effort you throw at this problem externally is going to solve it.

What is going on in your bank account has nothing to do with anything external.

It is all internal and until you change what’s going on inside you, your external reality will not change, and you will continue to struggle with money. 

Have you considered what this is costing you? 

And is this sustainable? Of course it isn’t.  Not only is it not sustainable, it is miserable. And it is so unnecessary. 

So how much longer are you going to let this problem persist without addressing it, or continue to do what you know hasn't been working? 

BOTTOM LINE — It’s time to get your Financial $hit together so that you can finally live the life you DESERVE and the Clear Your Money Karma And Live The Life You Really Want Ecourse will show you how. 

•  32 Modules
•  Course Orientation
•  Wealth Consciousness Reading List
•  Daily Mindset Practice
•  Group Coaching Calls
•  Private Facebook Group
•  2 X 30-Minute 1:1 Session With Wani (For “Paid In Full”
   Offer Signups Only)

•  Bonus #1
•  Bonus #2

Total Value of $3500



You're only moments away from finally living the life you really want
and enjoying the hell out of your life!


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+ Are there any live group coaching calls?

Yes, during the course, there will be 2 live coaching calls where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get coached by Wani.

+ Are there any Office Hours held for the course to ask questions or to get help?

There is no office hours or direct email access to get help from Wani via email. However, there is a Facebook Group for the registrants of the course where Wani is very active and available, along with the two live group coaching calls held each month for the course where you receive direct coaching from Wani.

+ If I choose the 4-Payment Option Plan, when will I be charged for the second and third payment?

If you choose the 4-Payment Option Plan, the first payment of $297 is due at the time you sign up for the course. The second payment of $297 is due 30 days from the day you first signed up and will automatically be charged from your credit or debit card. The third payment of $297 is due 30 days from the second payment date and is automatically charged from your credit or debit card. The fourth and final payment of $297 is due 30 days from the third payment date and is automatically charged from your credit or debit card.

+ Is there a refund for the course?

There is no refund for the Clear Your Money Karma And Live The Life You Really Want Ecourse. This course has a “no refund policy” because it is for those who are serious and absolutely determined to transform their relationship with money and to do it now. The course is for those who are DONE with all the money drama, making of excuses, and are WILLING and READY now to transform their money story and start living the life they truly want now.