Clear Your Money Karma and Live The Life You Really Want Course is an 8-week deep dive course into that helps you heal your relationship with money internally to produce the external results you seek. A self-study course, which you can take at your home pace, Clear Your Money Karma and Live The Life You Really Want is divided into two sections.

Part One, which covers the four week of the course brings into absolute clarity and awareness of what your limiting beliefs around money, your predominant money story that is running the show and how to effectively and holistically clear these beliefs. Then, in Part Two of which covers the remaining four weeks of the course, you are stepping into becoming the more prosperous v version of you. No longer plagued by money paradigm that isn’t serving you, you are now creating a different reality for yourself and creating the life that you really want to live with financial freedom and abundance.

During this course, you will:

·       Learn what your key money blocks are and clear them

·       Create a different money paradigm to build the life you really want

·       Become more aligned with the energy of money and be in the flow of having

more of it

·       Stop living in survival mode because of a lack of money and truly start thriving

·       Create more money and abundance in your life

·       Cultivate a new wealth consciousness mindset to be in the flow of receiving more money

·       Remove the aversion you have to wealth that is blocking you

·       You’ll step into your personal power and start to enjoy the hell out of your life 




 The 40 Days Abundance Mindset Course is the most effective course out there to change your mindset from lack, limitation and scarcity to one of infinite and abundance. Abundance is your birthright and to the extent you’re not experiencing abundance, you have mindset based in poverty and you need to shift to an abundant mindset.

During this 40-day video transformative experience, you will shift and expand your mindset to abundance and begin to experience:

  • A fundamental shift in your mindset

  • More expansion and increase

  • Unexpectant doors opening

  • More receiving including the receiving of money

  • Be more positive and naturally receive more positivity in your life

  • Higher vibration and frequency

  • Manifesting more of what you desire and less of what you don’t

  • More flow








The 40 Days Abundance Accelerator Course is an extension of the Forty Days Mindset Course. The 40 Days Accelerator Course allows for you to receive even more expansion and increase and to create even more abundance as you start to embody the most abundant version of you and this is your new normal.

During this transformational 40-day video experience, you’ll:  

  • Fully anchor in the mindset of abundance and never look back

  • Expand your capacity to receive more abundance

  • Step into and experience unlimited possibilities

  • Create with flow and intuition instead of hard work

  • Experience your Divine and special gifts showing up and how to utilize them

  • Experience more synchronicities in your life

  • Find yourself living in an “and” world instead of an “or” world where all things are available for your reach

  • Experience a new level of giving as you’ll feel and have more to give and to share





“I want to say a HUGE thank you to Wani for putting together the Abundance Accelerator course! I had so many life-changing moments during the course, too many to list. It was like a huge mindset and paradigm shift every. single. day. I even had a few days that stretched my mind so much that I spent the next couple days after doing the exercises in bed recharging. I have not had this many huge shifts so close together since I first started doing personal development in 2011! If you are looking for something to heal your money mindset, your money story, and your beliefs, this course is it! This is not the same old, rehashed versions of the same material that everyone else is teaching. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to fix my money flow and have seen course after course, webinars, and all kinds of videos and PDFs that are all the same material presented in different ways. This is not the same old stuff! Wani presented so many new tools I have never heard of before, new outlooks on some tools I had used before, and lovingly called me out on my excuses and victim story every time I needed it.”


— Rachael Mathews Rock 



“Some of the outcomes I've experienced from working with Wani these past few months include increased receiving in massive amounts of money and experiences that are priceless and unexpected. I've experienced one of the hardest years of my life with many losses, but I've been provided for and cared for throughout it all because with Wani’s coaching I was able to learn my role in these experiences, hold myself accountable, and take action to create the experiences that I want going forward. A veil was lifted through this work and I'll never be the same. I launched new business ventures following my work with Wani that will change the entire trajectory of my life and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring." 


—Dr. Malaika Singleton, Calabassas, California



“Thank you so much! I appreciate this learning journey. It’s so much more than I could’ve imagined and I love you and appreciate you. I never thought I would get so much out of a course on abundance. I’m so thankful for your help healing my wounds. ”


— Danielle Holman-Salmeri, New York City, New York



“From the time I started the program I have an additional $5k/month. Finally broke the barrier. Thank you. …You just gave my kids a summer vacay, clothes, shoes, a cleaning lady to give me sanity.” 


— Christy Llado, Miami, Florida



“…Wani Manly, bless you and your rawness, your love and your inspiration. I am working through things still but have seen a massive shift. What has been amazing is my husband is so happy as he saw my pain and didn't know how to best help me. The Universe opens up opportunities when you're ready to receive and this is one of them.”


— Vanessa Mollard, Melbourne, Australia



“The Course was life changing for me. Some personal shifts that occurred for me is a change of residence and a change of job. I also increased my income and learned how to put myself first. If these are all areas of your life that you'd also like to change, then I highly recommend you take a chance on this course. You won't be disappointed.”

— Megan Rose, Kaui, Hawaii



“I am very grateful for receiving good help and time and attention from somebody working on their purpose us beautiful as Wani is doing. Her mission is very admirable, her content is very useful, and her impact is very inspiring. It is beautiful to find someone that can help you in one of our most important subjects for our happiness, money.” 


— Andres Rozo Echevery, Miami Florida



“After spending one afternoon with Wani at a time where I was in very bad place that included crippling financial issues, Wani walked me through a surprisingly very simple meditation, which I practice everyday. That night, I finally managed to sleep through a whole night. When I woke up the next morning, I felt determined. In a matter of 4 weeks I managed to solve my problems, and move to Australia — which was a long time dream of mine. Wani managed instill a sense of determination and confidence in me, which I hadn’t felt in years. Every conversation with here is like a mental kick in the ass.” 


—Hubert Kobylinski, Melbourne Australia