Wani Iris Manly is simply a gifted speaker. Described as being “carried by a star-presence, that certain "je ne sais quoi” that so enthralls crowds and individuals,”Wanidelivers unforgettable keynotes. She is the perfect balance of inspiration, high energy, practical, entertaining, fun, impactful and results-oriented. 


As a natural speaker, Wani thrives off the energy of the audience blending deep, real-world experience of being a successful entrepreneur, attorney, and author and life experiences with a magnetic stage presence to help audiences take action. Every talk she gives is customized to drive the biggest possible impact, combining engaging stories, gorgeous visuals, and practical techniques that push audiences to get fired up, shift to get the results they want.  


Having nearly two decades of corporate and business law experience including serving as in-house legal counsel to Fortune 500 companies, as well public corporations, Wani understands what corporations and business need to drive better outcomes. And it starts with corporate leadership and culture.  With her expertise of understanding corporations, coupled with inspiration, captivating stage presence and performance, along with a high-touch / high-service focus, Wani will deliver extraordinary value at your next corporate meeting or event.



Inspirational:  Eight Principals To Living The Life You Really Want  

Keynote, Featured Speaker  (60 minutes) Description:  The principles Wani gained from making a bold and audacious move to Paris that resulted in her stepping fully into her purpose and living the life she’s always wanted. From the program, you will be inspired to let go of fear, step out of your comfort zone to create not only a life you love but also a life of inspiration that sets your soul on fire. Wani delivers this powerful message with passion, humor, inspiration and motivation. This keynote is also a very effective workshop or seminar.


Inspirational/Instructional:  Clear Your Money Karma and Have a Fat Bank Account 

Keynote, Featured Speaker  (60 minutes) Description:  During this talk, Wani teaches you the energetics of money and how your beliefs around money is the single handed factor of what determines the state of your bank account.  From this talk, you‘ll learn the most common limiting beliefs and abundance blocks that is creating financial struggle, how to clear them, make more money.  Wani delivers this popular eye-opening talk combining universal wisdom with practical tools that elicits profound awareness and brings forth change your money beliefs and mindset that increases your bank account and make better sales. This keynote is also a very effective workshop or seminar.


Inspirational: 2019 RESET: What You Need to Do Differently To Make 2019 Be Your Year. Goal setting, as we know it is dead. During, this talk Wani shares her best strategy of how to stop perpetual cycle of “New Year same goal” and how to actually crush your goals. From this talk, you’ll learn the biggest mistakes when setting goals, what really needs to change in your-day-today to achieve your goals and what to do when you aren’t reaching your goals.  


Inspirational:  The Manifestation and Goal Setting Process That Forever Changed My Life Taking Me To Paris And Living My Wildest Dreams 

Workshop, Facilitator (6 hours) Description: Wani walks you through the exact process she created in 2010 that transformed her life entirely taking her to live in Paris so that you can implement the process to create your best life. During this six-hour workshop, Wani shows you not only how to systematically create the life of your dreams but also how to turn thoughts into things. You will walk away with Wani’s proven system for manifestation that creates a life by design instead of a life of default. 



1. authentic, RELATABLE & Approachable

Whether it’s with a corporation’s CEO, which she’s advised and counsel for most of her career, an entrepreneur who Wani herself is, or someone who desires creating their own lifestyle business, which Wani also has done, audiences will relate to Wani’s talks.


Let’s be real. No one wants to be bored at a talk, and you definitely won’t experience boredom with Wani. Wani’s talks are interactive, engaging, and entertaining. Your audience will be fully engaged, leaning forward, and hungry for more saying, “more please.”

3. in-depth experience

With 15 years working as an attorney having worked for both an international reputable law firm, starting a her own law firm and lifestyle business, Wani has a proven business leader with deep real-world experience, both in the corporate environment as well as an entrepreneur.


As a global citizen having lived in 5 countries, being bestselling author, an attorney, an entrepreneur having a foot in both the corporate and transformational world, Wani brings a fresh and compelling perspective.

5.  relevant and current content

With Wani’s talks, she brings relevant and real-time content that brings added value to solve the pain and problems you’re facing.


Instead of a ‘canned’ talk, Wani takes the time to learn about your organization, audience, and key objectives what is most valuable for them and delivers. Wani’s presentation will be on-point, relevant, and customized to your specific needs.


Your audience will leave with meaningful tools, frameworks, and techniques to shift their mindsets that can be immediately applied to real-world challenges, creating desired results.

8. interactive and EXPERIENTIAL

Information without implementation is just that, information, and often useless. When you attend a talk with Wani, one thing you can expect is the opportunity to implement the information you are getting right then and there so you can experience transformation on the spot, which audiences appreciate.

9. INSPIRING / High energy

Wani’s enthusiasm consistently inspires audiences. Guests will leave fired up, energized, and will take action and implement.


Wani is naturally a gifted storyteller and so her concepts are delivered through rich storytelling — not boring professorial directives. Emotionally-charged stories help the audience retain key points while enjoying a highly entertaining and yet educational experience. 


Wani believes in not wasting any moment will make every minute count. Your audience will be moved and inspired while gaining practical tools to improve their lives and performance. She will do whatever it takes to ensure your event is a roaring success.


No outrageous demands. No diva-like requests. Instead, Wani is professional, accommodating, and easy to work with at every step.